UbD® Planner

Our UbD® planning tool is the only licensed Understanding by Design® software available today and was developed in close partnership with Jay McTighe.

Our UbD® Planner software uses the acclaimed Understanding by Design® template and “Backward design” process to help educators create, view, and share effective and engaging curriculum units. The UbD® Planner enables collaboration, supports horizontal and vertical curriculum alignment to standards, and provides advanced analytics.

Stage 1 – Identify Desired Results

In Stage 1, you specify what students should know, understand, and be able to do. Easily select your state and national standards from a pre-populated drop-down list and identify other goals, including Habits of Mind or 21st Century Skills. Using the UbD® template, add transfer goals, conceptual understand, essential questions, and knowledge and skill objectives.

Stage 2 – Determine Acceptable Evidence

In Stage 2, you consider a range of assessment methods for collecting evidence of desired results. Include authentic performance tasks to provide evidence of students’ understandings and ability to transfer their learning along with traditional measures of knowledge and skills. The software enables you to code all assessments to insure alignment with standards and other Stage 1 goals.

Stage 3 – Develop the Learning Plan

In stage 3, you plan the learning experiences and instruction needed by learners to achieve the desired results and meet the targeted assessments. All lessons and learning activies can be coded for alignment to Stages 1 and 2. Easily upload or link resources to any learning activity for future reference. Utilize the comments section to create “live” units where staff can collaborate in planning and reviewing curriculum units.

Create Full Visibility

Store all units in one searchable and accessible location to create full visibility of your school/district’s curriculum, helping teachers and administrators see the big picture.

ubd curriculum design

Create Consistency

Create a common language that can be used among staff, and develop a consistent curriculum formula that helps build a high-quality, guaranteed, and viable curriculum.

ubd curriculum design

Create Alignment

Analyze curriculum to identify gaps, redundancies, and inconsistencies across subjects, grades, and schools. Map curriculum to show both vertical and horizontal alignment.

Analyze data to make informed decisions about your curricula. Our simplified curriculum analysis reports make sense of data and allow you to focus on making changes to academic practices.

Stage 1 – Frequency

Analyze Stage 1 to guarantee high-quality and meaningful units for all students by reviewing frequency and alignment of of standards, other goals, and Learning Objectives (T/U/Q/K/S).

Stage 2 – Assessment Planner

Easily review Stage 2 and analyze performance tasks and assessments to see if you are assessing to all Learning Objectives and providing students with varied and high-quality assessments.

Stage 3 – Lesson Planner

Ensure intentional teaching by reviewing all instructional strategies and learning activities in Stage 3 and ensure alignment to Learning Objectives.