UbD® Learning Paths

Authored by Jay McTighe, this series of six online Learning Paths is a perfect introduction or refresher into Understanding by Design®.


Lay the foundation for Grant Wiggins’ and Jay McTighe’s internationally respected and widely applied Understanding by Design® (UbD) curriculum-planning framework with this series of six online Learning Paths. This series of Learning Paths can be taken anytime/anywhere and offers schools the opportunity to train staff in a cost effective and convenient manner.

The Big Ideas of Understanding by Design®

Identify and explore the three stages of Understanding by Design®, also known as “backward” curriculum design. Designed for educators who are just beginning their study of Understanding by Design®, this Learning Path will explore the concept of backward curriculum design, and teaching for understanding and transfer.

Stage 1: Transfer Goals and Understandings

The focus of Understanding by Design® is teaching for understanding and transfer. In this Learning Path, you will explore the different types of learning goals, established goals and transfer goals, and understandings. You will also discover the relationship between understandings and long-term transfer goals.

Stage 1: Essential Questions, Knowledge, and Skills

This Learning Path provides participants with information about the role and development of Essential Questions (EQs) and how they fit into the context of curriculum development. Participants will also distinguish between, and identify, knowledge and skills—what students should know and be able to do.

Stage 2: Assessment Evidence

Learn how to “think like an assessor” with Understanding by Design® co-author, Jay McTighe. This Learning Path will help you become better equipped to plan curriculum and assessments. Learn how to determine what evidence you need to assess if your students have achieved the desired results targeted in Stage 1.

Stage 2: Performance Tasks

This Learning Path will explore the key ideas of Stage 2 – Performance Tasks to help you become better equipped to plan assessments within the UbD® framework. Through a variety of videos, collaborative discussions, interactive tools, hands-on activities, and reflections, participants will gain an understanding of performance tasks.

Stage 3: The Learning Plan

Stage 3 is where teachers determine the sequence of learning activities, decide on the appropriate resources, and consider what differentiation might be needed to address differences in student knowledge and skill levels. In this Learning Path, you will learn to develop the specific lessons for your unit.


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