Take a Fresh and Innovative Approach to Curriculum Design

A new curriculum design platform that integrates collaborative learning, unit design, and high-quality Learning Paths to create a guaranteed and viable curriculum
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What our solution can do for you

Achieve full visibility of a horizontally and vertically articulated curriculum, and encourage collaboration around unit design and professional learning in our curriculum design platform. Easily unpack standards into learning objectives, and align those to assessments and lessons. Analyze your curriculum for gaps and redundancies, facilitate curriculum review cycles with targeted feedback directly in units, and identify and provide targeted professional learning.

Platform Features:



Collaborative Learning


Guided Unit Design


Alignment Check

Gaps & Redundancies Analysis

Supports UbD

Personalized Learning

Our Commitment to Understanding by Design®

Our curriculum platform was developed in partnership with Jay McTighe, co-author of the award-winning and best-selling Understanding by Design® (UbD) series. His partnership has allowed us to offer the only licensed UbD software available today!

By using Eduplanet21’s software, educators quickly develop a ‘backward design’ way of thinking about curriculum planning. Moreover, they have a consistent format for sharing curriculum, assessment and teaching ideas with others, anywhere in the world.

-Jay McTighe

Customer Testimonials

Having been a partner with Eduplanet since the beginning…this platform ensures that our teachers and administrators have access to the most current lesson plans, materials, and assessments.

Avon Public Schools, CT

Unit Planner provides opportunities for teachers to align assessments and instructional activities to the learning goals for the unit in a highly-meaningful way. As teachers code their units, the learning goals and assessments are kept front and center and purposefully drive the overall unit design.

Hampton Township School District, PA


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