Text-Dependent Analysis: An Introduction




Text-dependent analysis (TDA) is a unique-to-Pennsylvania term for text-dependent questions. Text-dependent analysis epitomizes why reading and writing have been joined under the umbrella of English/Language Arts. The first module builds background knowledge, explores the instructional shifts, and takes a dive into the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s explanation of Text-Dependent Analysis. Understanding the similarities and differences of open-ended and text-dependent questions, along with exploring common myths and misconceptions, is the focus of the second module.

This Learning Path is one in a series of four Learning Paths. Other Learning Paths a part of this series include:

Learning Path Outcomes: 
  • Define Text-Dependent Analysis;
  • Explore your current understanding of TDA;
  • Expand your knowledge base of the instructional shifts for English/Language Arts;
  • Tackle several myths and misconceptions of TDA and provide examples of best instructional practices; and,
  • Examine resources provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to learn the cognitive demands of TDA.

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