3. NGSS – Kindergarten B: Sun’s Energy




Sun’s Energy, the second of two Learning Paths that will explore the science concepts behind the NGSS Kindergarten Physical Science Standards. In this Learning Path you will understand how the sun generates energy, and how that energy moves to Earth to support all the life on our planet.

You are recommended to complete Introduction to the Three Dimensions of NGSS and Kindergarten A: Pushes and Pulls prior to this Learning Path.

Learning Path Outcomes: 
  • Learn how the sun produces large amounts of energy and how that energy travels to earth;
  • Explore how different colors absorb the sun’s heat energy at different rates;
  • Observe how energy from the sun heats various surfaces on Earth differently;
  • Explore how the sun produces vast amounts of energy and how it is distributed to earth;
  • Learn how the various surfaces absorb the sun’s energy; and
  • Experience how different colors absorb the sun’s energy at different rates and how to explain this to kindergarteners.

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