Guidelines for Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Violation Education




Consideration of the solemnness of the subject and the age-appropriateness of materials is necessary when fostering empathy, comprehension, and understanding. This Learning Path was created in response to Act 70 of 2014 Guidelines for Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Violations Education. Act 70 was passed to encourage schools to include Holocaust, genocide, and human-rights violation education within their adopted curriculum. The purpose of this course, coming directly from Act 70, is “to provide children with an understanding of the importance of the protection of human rights and the potential consequences of unchecked ignorance, discrimination, and persecution. It is a matter of high priority that children in this Commonwealth be educated concerning the Holocaust, genocide and other human rights violations.”

Learning Path Outcomes: 
  • Develop an understanding of genocide, holocaust and human rights violations, including their impact on society;
  • Learn about resiliency of the human spirit;
  • Determine key components of instruction through Act 70 guidelines;
  • Explore instruction and primary sources of genocide, holocaust and human right violations;
  • Determine appropriate vocabulary for your content area; and
  • Create an action plan to implements effective instruction, including the guidance from Act 70 regulation.




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