Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom



Have you wanted to put multiple intelligence theory into practice but just have not had the support you needed to try? In this online professional learning community, you will learn and apply the theory of multiple intelligences to the classroom. Dr. Thomas Armstrong’s 4th edition, Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom is the textbook for this course. Participants will work through the online syllabus at their own pace and post to discussions, respond to open-ended questions through web 2.0 interactive tools, and support each other as they embed their new learning into their classrooms and unleash the potential of every student through MI theory. Summer Cohort begins June 1st through August 15th 2019. 

*Must obtain Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom by Thomas Armstrong, 4th edition to complete course.


Learning Path Outcomes: 
  • Use specific elements of each intelligence in your teaching style or leadership style
  • Evaluate the impact of a selected strategy on (1) students’ improved understanding of the material and (2) the level of engagement of the students
  • Evaluate your classroom environment in terms of factors that nurture learning versus those that seem to inhibit the learning process
  • Apply MI strategies to solve classroom management issues
  • Try out a method of assessing your students that you haven’t used in the past, particularly one that employs one or more of the neglected intelligences (e.g., Music Smart, Picture Smart, Body Smart)
  • Discuss what role MI theory plays in developing a personalized learning experience for your students



The ESC of Lorain County provides high-quality professional development opportunities to educators on scientific research based best practices to improve the academic achievement of children and youth with disabilities and those at risk of being identified as disabled.

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Answer: Yes, after completing the course you will receive a certificate of completion.

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Answer: You will receive lifetime access

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