Anchor Activities to Manage Student Focus – DI Strategy (6-12)



Anchors help teachers manage their classroom by answering the questions, “What do I do when I am finished?” and “What should I do until you are ready for me?” Anchors are specific, engaging, and meaningful on-going activities on which students work independently in class when they are finished with their work or when they are waiting for the teacher. This practical learning experience combines videos of teachers sharing their own applications with other teacher-created examples and is designed specifically for 6-12 educators who want to better manage their classrooms. TLS has worked with thousands of educators helping them translate their effective practice to Differentiated Instruction (DI). ‘Teacher of teachers,’ Dr. Pete Grande and TLS team provide you with everything you need for a meaningful, valuable and doable learning experience.

DI is a framework for instruction that clarifies curricular objectives, uses ongoing formative assessment to engage learners at the correct level of difficulty, and establishes an environment conducive to the advancement of academic growth.

Anchors is part of the TLS Making DI Doable series of 12 DI strategy offerings. Take them all!


Learning Path Outcomes:
  • Define the DI strategy of Anchors and identify why and how lessons with Anchors increase student learning
  • Analyze lessons with Anchors for Assessment Driven, Responsive and Engaging (A R E) characteristics
  • Learn how Anchors help manage a DI lesson
  • Study Look Fors when constructing and/or observing a lesson with Anchors
  • Create a lesson with Anchors that help you manage your classroom
  • Know how Anchors can help teachers answer the DI essential question: How can I use the Four pillars of DI – Curriculum, Assessment, Instruction and Management–to be more Assessment Driven, Responsive and Engaging?

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