An Integrated Curriculum Management Platform

Transforming education by creating continuity between curriculum design and professional learning to maximize the possibilities for greater teacher and student engagement

Unit Planner

Create, view, and share high-quality units that align learning goals, assessments and strategies to produce full visibility for your school or district.


Guided Unit Design

Design units that code and align essential questions, transfer goals, knowledge, and skills with performance tasks and learning activities. Share units in a common, collaborative framework utilizing the embedded UbD 2.0 template.


Analyze curriculum to identify gaps, redundancies, and inconsistencies across subjects, grades, and schools. Map curriculum to show both vertical and horizontal alignment.

Create Consistency

Create a common language that can be used among staff, and develop a consistent curriculum formula that is fully visible and searchable across departments, grades, and schools.


Create Full Visibility

Store all units in one searchable and accessible location to create full visibility of your school/district’s curriculum, helping teachers and administrators see the big picture.


Alignment Check

Align your curriculum to state and national standards as well as to other outcomes (e.g., 21st Century Skills, Habits of Mind), accessible from a drop-down menu.

Supports UbD

Developed in partnership with Jay McTighe, co-author of Understanding by Design, we offer the only licensed Understanding by Design (UbD) software available today.

Macro Curriculum Blueprint

Build and view a blueprint of overarching learning targets directly within the platform, and gain visibility of important schoolwide goals from your profile of a graduate and long-term transfer goals, to cornerstone performance tasks and assessments.


Define Schoolwide Goals

Establish clear overarching goals, ensuring uniformity and high-quality instruction across your school or district. Save your teachers time by making it easier and faster to select the learning targets your school or district is working towards.


Ensure Vertical Alignment

Visualize the vertical alignment of your macro goals to ensure what students learn in one lesson, course, or grade level prepares them for the next.

Gain Critical Insight

Visualize how educators within your school or district are achieving your established goals, while providing them with flexibility to meet their individual classroom needs.

PLUS Institutes

Experience a new approach to professional learning with exclusive access to our PLUS Institutes.

Personalized Learning

Transform professional learning offerings by building online courses, called Learning Paths, that are more sustainable and cost-effective.

Learn from Experts

Take Learning Paths from Jay McTighe, Bena Kallick, Allison Zmuda, Amy Heineke, Krista Leh, and other authors in the field, or learn from a variety of specialists from educational service centers.

Sustain Learning Initiatives

Train new staff members and offer refresher courses to existing staff members through Learning Paths. This cost-effective solution helps increase efficiency and creates sustainable learning initiatives.

Institute Builder

Build your own institutes: collaborative based learning environments that connect educators locally and globally to develop and share content to enhance teaching and learning.

Build Learning Paths

Create learning paths on topics relevant to your school or district. Want a head start? Use Institute Builder to personalize our PLUS Institutes to better meet your needs.

Collaborative Discussions

Pose a question for participants or create topic based discussions to encourage collaboration and share ideas.

Resource Libraries

Build rich resource libraries where members can share articles, videos, websites, images, and more.

Live Chat

Message online users to engage in real-time discussions within an institute.

Track Progress of Participants

Analyze growth and success with completion, pre/post assessments, and other easy to run reports.

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