Create, view, and share high-quality units that align learning goals, assessments, and strategies.


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Our curriculum design solution allows you to create full visibility, encourage collaboration, and ensure horizontal and vertical alignment to standards. Utilizing the embedded UbD® template, you can easily code and align essential questions, transfer goals, knowledge, and skills with performance tasks and learning activities.

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Support UbD

Developed in partnership with Jay McTighe, co-author of Understanding by Design®, we offer the only licensed Understanding by Design® (UbD) software available today.

Understanding by Design - Analyze 

Analyze to Find Gaps

Analyze curriculum to identify gaps, redundancies, and inconsistencies across subjects, grades, and schools. Map curriculum to show both vertical and horizontal alignment.


Create Consistency  

Create a common language that can be used among staff, and develop a consistent curriculum formula that is fully visible and searchable across departments, grades, and schools.

Design and Organize Units

Easily design units that code and align essential questions, transfer goals, knowledge, and skills with performance tasks and learning activities. Share units in a common, collaborative framework.

Select Standards 

Align your curriculum to state and national standards as well as to other outcomes (e.g., 21st Century Skills, Habits of Mind), accessible from a drop-down menu.

Support Continuous Improvement

Review student assessment results and lesson activities to make continuous improvements to units that help students develop deeper understandings and the ability to transfer their learning.  

Our Commitment to Understanding by Design

At Eduplanet21, we are committed to helping schools develop a coherent, guaranteed, and viable curriculum. We provide educators, schools, and districts the resources needed to successfully train staff on Understanding by Design; the tools needed to write, share, and review backward design units; and the software to design backward design units and view curriculum both horizontally and vertically. Learn more about our commitment to Understanding by Design.

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