Create a digital community for collaboration.
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Create a customized school site where your educators can collaborate, share, and learn. Support your curriculum design and professional learning efforts with school/district developed Learning Paths, topic-based communities, and eLibraries of digital resources. Create a collaborative safe space for educators to discuss findings and share thoughts, reactions, and feedback.

Easily Accessible

Organize your school or district’s professional learning and curriculum design materials in a single platform. Your educators will gain 24/7 access to resources and supporting documents.

Promote Collaboration

Encourage staff to become more interactive online. Create a virtual hub for curriculum design and professional learning and give your educators opportunities to participate in discussions, share resources, and collaborate on unit design.

Personalized Learning Paths

Transform professional learning offerings by building online courses, called Learning Paths, that are more sustainable and cost effective.


Topic-Based Communities

Encourage discussion and collaboration among staff. Develop topic-based Communities that support your departments, grades, or schools.


eLibraries of Resources

Build an eLibrary of resources where members can share articles, videos, websites, images, and more. Organize resources by tag or topic tree. 


Track Educator Growth

Analyze educator growth and success with Learning Path completion tracking, pre/post assessment results, and easy to run reports.


Professional Learning Plans

Create personalized professional learning plans. Allow educators to align your Institute content and other activities to your school/district learning goals.


Create a Revenue Stream

Service centers can become a Marketplace Partner and sell their Learning Paths in the Eduplanet21 Marketplace. Learn more about our Marketplace Partner Program.

Bring digital collaboration to your school.