Utilize curriculum analysis reports to view curriculum both horizontally and vertically.
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Analyze data to make informed decisions about your curricula. Every solution in the Eduplanet21 platform can be analyzed to help educators make informed decisions that impact student learning. Our simplified curriculum analysis reports make sense of data and allow you to focus on making changes to academic practices. 

Find Gaps and Redundancies

Analyze Stage 1 to guarantee high-quality and meaningful units for all students by reviewing frequency and alignment of of standards, other goals, and Learning Objectives (T/U/Q/K/S). 

Ensure  Alignment

Easily review Stage 2 and analyze performance tasks and assessments to see if you are assessing to all Learning Objectives and providing students with varied and high-quality assessments.

Analyze Instructional Strategies

Ensure intentional teaching by reviewing all instructional strategies and learning activities in Stage 3 and ensure alignment to Learning Objectives.

Make Informed Decisions

Run curriculum analysis reports to find areas that need improvement and support. You can translate these areas of weakness  are translated into personalized professional deveopment plans for educators by selecting Learning Paths that will help educators bring new skills/concepts to the classroom.

Learn how you can start using curriculum analysis reports in your district.