Bena Kallick discusses an overview of her 16 Habits of Minds while giving educators practical and applicable tips to begin implementing the Habits of Mind in their school or classroom. Bena is the co-director for the Institute for Habits of Mind, Chief Academic Officer for Eduplanet21, educational consultant, and co-author of the Habits of Mind Series with Arthur L. Costa. 

Bena discusses how the 16 Habits are a set of dispositions and attitudes that each person has for being a successful learner in the world, with each Habit growing and maturing over time.  Bena was kind enough to provide the Habits of Mind chart and article as discussed in the interview which you can find below. As Bena also mentioned, if you are interested in learning more about the Habits of Mind and how to apply in your classroom, you can take her online Learning Paths provided in Eduplanet21’s Marketplace

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