Mechanicsburg, PA — Pennsylvania based edtech companies Eduplanet21 and LearnSTEMic are excited to announce their new collaborative and strategic partnership. By combining LearnSTEMic’s comprehensive evaluative tools with Eduplanet21’s innovative curriculum design platform, the two companies will work together to transform schools and position all students for success.

Eduplanet21 provides a curriculum design and professional learning platform centered on research-based best practices to help educators create a curriculum that will meet the needs of all learners.

LearnSTEMic recently launched a new software platform, LearnSTEMicHQ, that analyzes school performance and promotes measurable data-driven results to make school-wide improvement initiatives attainable. Their progress dashboard provides real-time measurement of achievements with on-demand reporting features to provide accountability, feedback, support, and tools for meaningful collaboration.

If LearnSTEMic’s comprehensive evaluations with schools and districts identify needs for improvement in curriculum design, the partnership with Eduplanet21 will make the next steps for school leadership easy to visualize and implement. “Our partnership with Eduplanet21 provides immediate support to schools who are struggling with managing the expectations and operations of curriculum alignment and delivery, and we are excited about this collaboration,” said Christine Smith, CEO of LearnSTEMic.

Eduplanet21 CEO Jeff Colosimo also echos his excitement about this new partnership. “Implementing a guaranteed and viable curriculum that aligns with overall organizational planning and goals just makes sense. We are excited about the vision and efficiencies this partnership could bring to school districts in Pennsylvania.”

Making large-scale institutional changes can be challenging, but LearnSTEMic and Eduplanet21 are teaming up to make transformation easier. Both LearnSTEMic and Eduplanet21 are thrilled for this opportunity to work together to transform education and enhance student achievement.



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