10 Minute Tuesdays

A Series of Interviews with K12 Authors and Educators

Jay McTighe & Associates

Jay McTighe, co-author of Understanding by Design® discusses the three-stage process of UbD, called backward design, to be used as a framework for planning and preparing a guaranteed and viable curriculum. Through Understanding by Design, educators are able to develop curriculum and learning experiences that will help students develop and deepen their understanding of important ideas, and to utlimately transfer their learning in meaningful ways.

Habits of Mind: Bena Kallick

The Habits of Mind are a set of dispositions that empower creative and critical thinking. Join Bena Kallick, co-director for the Habits of Mind Institute, as she discusses practical ways educators can begin infusing the Habits of Mind in their school or district.

CIA FIRST International School

CIA FIRST International School is a private international school with an innovative community utilizing a curriculum framework guided by Understanding by Design and the Habits of Mind. Philip Muscott, Head of Curriculum, and two 11th grade Students at CIA FIRST discuss the UbD framework and the infusion of Habits of Mind in their school and classroom.

Social Emotional Learning: Krista Leh

As an educational consultant and a 2012 ASCD Emerging Leader, Krista Leh has created and facilitated courses on research design and methods; curriculum design and development; culturally responsive teaching; and closing the achievement gap. Join Krista Leh as she discusses practical ways educators can begin infusing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in their school or district.

Personalized Learning: Allison Zmuda & Bena Kallick

Personalized Learning is personal — a way of engaging the learner and allowing the student to be a co-creator in their learning. Join Allison Zmuda, Educational Consultant and Author of Students at the Center: Personalized Learning and Habits of Mind, and Bena Kallick, Director of the Institute for Habits of Mind and Co-Author of Students at the Center, as they discuss practical ways educators can begin infusing Personalized Learning in their school or district.

Hampton Township School District

Hampton Township School District is a top rated, public school district located outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Hampton has been ranked one of the top 10 school districts in Pennsylvania with their High School being named a national Blue Ribbon School.  Hampton’s Superintendent and Director of Curriculum discuss their move to the Understanding by Design framework for their Curriculum Design along with their innovative approach to Professional Development. 

Sycamore School

Sycamore School is a Private Independent Day School for Gifted Children in grades Pre-K through 8th grade, located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Sycamore’s Head of Lower School discusses the schools move from curriculum in binders to the Understanding by Design (UbD) framework. 

Burlington Community School District

Burlington Community School district is a public school district located in Burlington, IA, committed to delivering quality education to all students. Director of Curriculum, Instructional Coach and two teachers discuss Burlington’s approach to Professional Development and how it has created consistency, coherence, and continuity across the district and among student learning experiences.  

Regional School Unit 40

Regional School Unit 40 (RSU40) is a Public School District in Maine serving students in Union, Friendship, Waldoboro, Warren, and Washington counties. RSU40’s Director of Instruction discusses the roll-out of Understanding by Design and the importance of transparent communication to everyone involved in the process. 

Mass Customized Learning National Alliance

The Mass Customized Learning National Alliance is committed to inspiring transformational shifts to accelerate customized learning. Bea McGarvey, Educational Consultant and co-author of Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning (MCL) discusses the vision for MCL and how educators can shift the mindset to transform education to customize learning for each student.

Avon Public Schools

Avon Public School District is a top-rated, public school district located in Avon, CT. Avons Assistant Superintendent and Program Director discusses their shift to the Understanding by Design framework and the importance of placing the best interest of the students and the forefront of their decision.

Culturally Linguistically Diverse: Amy Heineke

Associate Professor of Bilingual & Bicultural Education in the School of Education at Loyola University, Chicago, and co-author of Using Understanding by Design in the Culturally Linguistically Diverse Classroom (CLD), Dr. Amy Heineke discusses ways educators can begin teaching in response to the needs of students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. 

SJI International School

Saint Joseph’s Institution International School is an independent co-educational Lasallian Catholic school in Singapore. Instructional Leader, Amy Lee, discusses their schools  curriculum re-design journey and their 3-year process to get there. 

Educational Testing Service

The ProEthica® program provides educators with the opportunity to experience real-life situations, make choices and think though the possible consequences of their choices. In this interview, Jessica Stern, Director of Product Management for ProEthica, shares practical tips for those launching social media accounts and those already active.