10 Minute Tuesdays

A Series of Interviews with K12 Authors and Educators

Habits of Mind: Bena Kallick

The Habits of Mind are a set of dispositions that empower creative and critical thinking. Join Bena Kallick, co-director for the Habits of Mind Institute, as she discusses practical ways educators can begin infusing the Habits of Mind in their school or district.

Culturally Linguistically Diverse: Amy Heineke

Associate Professor of Bilingual & Bicultural Education in the School of Education at Loyola University, Chicago, and co-author of Using Understanding by Design in the Culturally Linguistically Diverse Classroom (CLD), Dr. Amy Heineke discusses ways educators can begin teaching in response to the needs of students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. 

CIA FIRST International School

CIA FIRST International School is a private international school with an innovative community utilizing a curriculum framework guided by Understanding by Design and the Habits of Mind. Philip Muscott, Head of Curriculum, and two 11th grade Students at CIA FIRST discuss the UbD framework and the infusion of Habits of Mind in their school and classroom.

Social Emotional Learning: Krista Leh

As an educational consultant and a 2012 ASCD Emerging Leader, Krista Leh has created and facilitated courses on research design and methods; curriculum design and development; culturally responsive teaching; and closing the achievement gap. Join Krista Leh as she discusses practical ways educators can begin infusing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in their school or district.